Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MySpace was a frustrating place

OK, so maybe I am not a good candidate for MySpace. I did get two friends. But I never was able to change my background color and my pictures came in a bit strange. My WeeMee gained a fushia background that is totally NOT mee. (I couldn't help it. The extra e just happened.)

Here is my profile in MySpace

I joined a group finally. I joined the Scotland Yard group. But I guess it hasn't been too long, since they won't let me post yet. There is a discussion going on about Scottish bands. No one has mentioned the Battlefield Band. I am very disappointed and wanted to add them into the mix.

My initial default picture was a scanned and cropped version of my UK ID, but the scanner was black and white--not to mention the picture was on a very bad hair day. I did figure out how to make a trade with a picture I had Kitty take yesterday. I played with it in Adobe Elements and uploaded it today, along with my favorite picture of me in Scotland. (So I could justify being in Scotland Yard, of course!)

Onward to Facebook. I still am trying to think of what to do for my podcast.

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