Monday, March 24, 2008

Libraries and YouTube

This was a great activity. I had fun perusing the YouTube to see what was there on "Libraries".

Here are my three favorite videos.

1) Cleopatra - The Burning of the Library of Alexandria
This is the classic Liz Taylor movie and she is really mad about this little event!

2) Mr. Bean - Library
Mr. Bean would really rile the preservation and rare book librarians with his interesting use of the rare library book. He really tries to follow the rules. He is creative in his methods to copy a figure in the book, using tracing paper and colored pencils. Unfortunate events follow that cause the disfigurement of the art work and then the accidental removal of the page. (Well maybe the page was removed on purpose to cover up the act of destruction.) You don't even want to know what he does next. This is classic Bean!

3) No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street
Cookie Monster visits the library. Excited about all the books he wants to read a book, but also a box of cookies, please!

I liked these videos, as they were all classic clips from other mediums--film or TV. They were all about preserving the written or printed word. Jesse Shera wrote the we should "Maximize the social utility of the graphic record." In order to do that, one of our responsibilities is to preserve that record. That is what these three clips are really about. How cool is that? Or for my generation -- Far out!!!

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