Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now I am in Google Docs. It is easy to get into this. You just log on with your Blogger account.

You can do some basic things with your text, like Bold it, Italics, Underline, highlight, change its color. And the colors you have to choose from are neater than Mr. Bill's program. You can even make Font changes and size of font changes easily.

  • You
  • can
  • do
  • bullets

  1. And
  2. you
  3. can
  4. do
  5. numbered
  6. lists.

This is a sweet little program and it is Free to use!!! You just need an account on Google.

Monday, February 18, 2008

DEL_ICIO_US Tagging Task

This was an interesting task for someone who started out librarian-life as a cataloger. I didn't have a lot of time to poke around other sites to see if there was someone out there looking at similiar things. The one I did look at seemed suspiciously like another librarian-type working on a similar program of web 2.0 tasks!

When I looked at my tags in a cloud, I noticed that the UKBlue2.0 tag was red and had an exclamation point in front! I'd love an explanation of that. Any ideas???

Oops!!! I forgot to add the link to my account:

I am trying to be somewhat consistent, or at least I am keeping with a theme?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Playing with the Blog - dragging and dropping

I just added my WeeMee graphic, which I saved as a graphic, by "capturing" the little beggar and using elements to give her a transparent background so I could use her here.

I also moved my picture from Scotland down to a different section on the right, by dragging it and dropping it into the new section. It is a lot like moving the furniture around.

These were minor changes I was curious about.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wikis and me

I enjoyed this activity. Most of the wikis I looked at were powered by MediaWiki. I looked at ALA 2006 and Computers in Libraries wikis that were aimed at conference goers. I could see the value in this, but I did get some bad links-where pages either were removed or never made it. I liked the Ohio U Business Information wiki pages.

I now have a wiki: . This was fun to work with, but I think I would have to plan what I really wanted to do with it, before building it willy-nilly. I tried adding a calendar plug-in and adding an event to the calendar. That was easy, as was adding a picture. I added a new page, but had a little trouble with the link to the home page. I did get it eventually. The FAQ on pbwiki is very helpful.

Subscribing to RSS Feeds in Bloglines

Today I registered and successfully subscribed to 3 blog-feeds using Bloglines. Now I have added a third password to my Blue 2.0 collection!

The last of the three blogs I added to my account was the Blue 2.0. I couldn't find the little RSS symbol, old RSS icon, and I totally missed the Subscribe to: Posts Comments (Atom) at the bottom of the Blue 2.0 page. Once I re-read the instructions, I was able to add the blog.

I added the Dean's blog first. I love the picture she has on her blog of her at a horse farm. (I had to look at the blog to get the RSS feed link.)

I also added a link to the Bob Lewis blog for ComputerWorld. He writes an IT Management column. He covers handling IT project management problems among other things.