Friday, January 18, 2008

AIM experiences

After yesterday, I arranged to work with geologymary as another buddy. She helped me get my list of steps together to get into AIM Express. I've never seen so many windows open before, but she was patient.

Mary and I went back and forth for awhile. Later I contacted terricirc again. Terri and I had a good set of exchanges of IM and I feel much better about it.

I may not have time to attack Yahoo before I leave for my exciting week out of state! So much to do and so little time. (Not sure who said that, but I know it isn't original.)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Initial Blogging experiences

OK, setting up the blog was easy. I had fun coming up with a name, but I had heard from EKU friends that could be a stumbling block. What to post in the blog was the next thing to get past. Since I've decided not to obsess over what I do with Blue 2.0, other than to experiment and experience it, I just wrote the first thing that came to mind for my first post.

I am thinking there are lots of things I could put in a blog for work, like tips and tricks for Voyager or what I've learned about IE7 and Office 2007 that can be applied to work. And I could just share who I am, which might surprise some people, or it might not.

Going to the Blue 2.0 site and posting was easy.

Onward to instant messaging!
My name is Tari and I am a Systems Librarian.

The initial purpose of this blog is to explore Web 2.0/Library 2.0 tools through the University of Kentucky Libraries Blue 2.0 program during the Spring 2008 semester.

What it becomes after that is anyone's guess!

I have been in library systems for over 20 years, but the last few have seen more changes than the first 20! I want to keep up with these changes and use them in my work and maybe even my play time.

I will be experimenting with these tools, so don't expect anything coherent all the time. This will be my sandbox for these exercises. I'm excited about the possibilities.