Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Facebook and me

Well, I'm in. I am disappointed that I didn't recognize any people who were active from my high school or college past. I looked around and tried to find someone I felt safe in poking. The familiar names showed up on the wrong lists. I did manage to join the "Blue 2.0 at the UK Libraries" group. I uploaded 2 pictures that should be familiar now. I am using them for lots of activities. I added Keeneland to my list of events. Now I need to find time to go!

I wanted to use my UK email address and kept getting turned down for getting into the Find Friends area. What am I doing wrong, or do I have to dredge up an old Yahoo account that I thought was history? Actually it may already be dredged up for something else we did earlier, but I really don't want to use the account for email. (I think I resurrected the account when I got involved with Flickr.)

Anyway, here is the url for my Facebook profile:

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